An easy organizational structure gives a strategic role to the commercial and technical-industrial areas to which the main functions of Corporate (Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Quality, Legal and Manufacturing) march side by side. The commercial structure is divided into strategic areas: Italian market and International Area.


In product marketing we plan and develop the overall product strategies for all markets. The process of product development goes through the planning of products, the creation of a unique value proposition tied to the needs of the consumer and to the brand image, the management of marketing information.

Marketing Western

 Commercial Western COMMERCIAL

For Western Co. to grow is an essential objective. It means also to sell more. Therefore, it’s clear that the sales figures cover a very important role in achieving this corporate objective. Their task is not just to sell, but also to ensure a relationship of mutual collaboration and customer satisfaction, to provide info concerning the competitors and customers and to acquire new customers.


Finance manages all business, financial and patrimonial activities of the company from the fiscal, budgetary and accounting point of view. The function of planning and control, which falls in this area, deals with analysis, planning and control of all business areas (industrial, commercial, supply chain) to support management decisions.

Finance Western


It is composed of two technical directorates: Off – Grid R&D and Grid Connect R&D operating in R&D and design. The teams are composed of different professional figures with the aim to create the highest Added Value.


The purchases and logistics form the Supply Chain function. The purchases include the direct sourcing (raw materials and components) and the indirect sourcing (services); Logistics is divided into the following functions: production planning, replenishment and distribution. The supply chain is highly integrated with the technical / industrial area (Off-Grid R&D and Grid-Connect R&D). The activity has a strong technical connotation and it is clearly transversal; in fact it is responsible for the planning of production, the management of warehouses and the constant rotation of goods / products to ensure to the final customer the ideal consumption conditions. The Supply Chain finally ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of the physical distribution system.

Supply Chain Western

 Quality Western QUALITY

The strategic objective of quality is pursued at two levels: corporate and product. The first level operates on a transversal way to all business areas and makes itself concrete in the implementation and development of the Quality System. The second level handles all activities related to the quality of products and to production processes in the plant.


The department is responsible for supporting all business functions for the problems in the contractual, company and Corporate Governance spheres.

Legal Western