In recent years, people are talking about energy independence, but what we really mean by this term? Currently many people are dependent on gas and electricity suppliers. I can detach myself from my energy supplier? The answer is yes. Think of the high mountain shelters, in many isolated areas: these structures were the first to adopt alternative measures for obtaining electricity.


Interventions to achieve energy independence

Currently on the market there are three approaches to energy efficiency, which when integrated can really make you achieve this great goal:


A photovoltaic system is capable of producing electricity with the light of day. On the market there is no better device that produces electricity at no cost. The photovoltaic systems currently cost 70% less than 5 years ago, also by installing a system you can access the tax deduction of 50%. PV of new technology systems are integrated and reconfigurable, or you can add additional modules to increase production and power. With this system you can then self-produce and satisfy its energy needs.


With these devices the energy produced in excess is stored, rather than sent to the network (as provided by the Net Metering). The batteries are much more important to achieve energy independence: with a system composed of photovoltaic and accumulation will be no more need to accingere by the energy supplier.


The third and last step concerns the heating, the cooling of the rooms and the production of sanitary hot water. If you adopt a system for the production of electricity it would be beneficial to combine heat pumps (powered by electricity). It is the most appropriate solution for achieving energy independence.

The 3 devices, if integrated, are able to completely clear the costs of electricity and gas or diesel.

To completely remove the gas from the energy expenditure is also necessary to install a new generation electric induction cooking.