The charge controller for PV lighting code SPB-LS/BT has got a Bluetooth interface for remote control at the base of the street-lamp.

The control is assigned to Western CO. software that is supplied when purchasing and that can be installed on any PC or Notebook with a Bluetooth connection.

The system is very useful to reduce the expensive maintenance interventions of the PV street-lamps since the installer/maintainer has got the opportunity to check all the operating parameters of the PV system without having to climb on top of the lamppost.

From the base of the pole, the Bluetooth radio interface of SPB-LS/BT allows you to:

• change the internal settings (timer and low battery voltage threshold) • know the status of the system, for example: current, voltage and power of the PV module, battery current, load current, etc.. • acquire and store the data system status in a memory (data logger function)

Wireless Control: Bluetooth System for Bluetooth remote control of PV street-lamps – series SSL. It provides a complete diagnostics of the system by notebook or tablet.