SPB-LS/GSM is a MPPT charge controller specially designed for PV lighting systems. It is equipped with a GSM modem for remote control properly designed for road lighting application.

Peculiarities of the product are:

  • MPPT charge(maximum power point tracking) to search for the maximum point of PV module’ power
  • Powerful remote monitoring system through GSM network and application located on Western Co. servers called WCloud.

At least once a day, the regulator opens a GPRS connection to Western Co. server and downloads the daily operating data . SPB-LS/GSM allows the user to analyze the data collected every day from the street-lamps during their working, it indicates eventual malfunctions or failures of the system and it allows the user to modify the settings of the PV street- lamp as the number of hours of lamp activation per night and the Low-Battery threshold.

Thanks to WCloud application, the user can access the system data through a web address.

Wireless Control: GSM System for GSM remote control of PV street-lamps – series SSL. It provides a complete diagnostics of the system by WCloud web-app from any place in presence of internet connection.