Off-grid Experts 2019 – Augsburg

Western CO. at the Off-Grid Expert Workshop in Augsburg. An initiative strongly desired by all experts working in the field of off-grid in Europe and Africa: Producer companies, investors, universities, NGOs and associations that for years have been leaders in the field of energy independence and systems not connected to the power grid. The event […]

Leonardo transforms the sun into hydrogen

At ECOFUTURO presented a demonstration station for domestic transformation from hydrogen photovoltaic of the H2U – The Hydrogen University! Transformation made possible withLeonardo Off-Grid storage system andWRM30+charge controllers!!! Renewables are not to be considered watertight compartments but must unite their peculiarities to be more and more complementary. Only in this holistic view energy management can […]

Italian Western

In over 30 years of history, Western CO. has always focused on quality and innovation: key factors that have enabled it to achieve high standards in industrial #electronics as well as in PV applications!

One Year with Leonardo

Great result of our customer who has achieved almost 87% of energy independence!!! With 6kW PV and 10kWh of storage.Energy independence is just around the corner!!!

Leonardo Sytem: Our Work, Your Energy

Leonardo System was founded more than 30 years ago and, since then, has changed its shape but not its goal: to guarantee maximum energy self-consumption. Despite the passing of the years we continue in the process of research and innovation that has always distinguished us! Beware of imitations, choose Leonardo System!

Westernchain: the first P2P energy exchange community

Western the Confindustria’s “Blockchain for Business” conference with Westernchain: the first P2P energy exchange community on a blockchain platform. The project was carried out in collaboration with the start-up Western Engineering. During the day we talked about opportunities, problems and new fields of application of blockchain technology. A formative and stimulating day attended by […]

Western CO. greening Dubai

Al Furjan – Dubai (UAE) Dubai has chosen Western CO. technology to illuminate its first green district!!!

Leonardo live at Pompeii

Leonardo Off-Grid 4kW/5000/48 fully stand-alone, coupled to a 12kWh RES Fiamm Energy Technology battery pack, feeds the lighting of Pompeii archaeological site.

Which product are you looking for?

Which product are you looking for?