Off-grid Experts 2019 – Augsburg

Western CO. at the Off-Grid Expert Workshop in Augsburg.

An initiative strongly desired by all experts working in the field of off-grid in Europe and Africa: Producer companies, investors, universities, NGOs and associations that for years have been leaders in the field of energy independence and systems not connected to the power grid.

The event was divided into an exhibition part, where Western CO. was present with its products and its latest news and a part dedicated to different insights: from solar heating systems to cooling systems through photovoltaic energy; from photovoltaic lighting to wind power; from isolated to hybrid systems with examples of good practice and novelty in the eco-friendly electricity sector. Workshops of new remote control systems and new energy sharing technologies are also very interesting.

The event was very much attended with visitors from all over the the world, especially from Europe and Africa and Western CO. with continuous Research and Development on new technologies and products had a prominent place.

We thank all those who have come to visit us and we reiterate the common denominator that has always animated this sector:


Choose Energy Independence!

Which product are you looking for?

Which product are you looking for?