Nautical & Caravan

Managing production from photovoltaic modules is a very important aspect for an off-grid system on which the correct functioning of onboard electronic systems depends.

In the Nautical and camper field, the electronics must guarantee the maximum reliability and autonomy possible, to protect the charge, the discharge or the simple maintenance of the batteries.

The Western CO. Charge controllers specially designed for these industries ensure the highest performance in the market.




Comfort and safety in the open air

On-board comfort today is increasingly dependent on energy, so it is of fundamental importance to have batteries at peak performance.

With simple photovoltaic modules and a battery the game is done, but beware! The efficacy of this plant depends on the heart and Brain of the system: the charge regulator.

The WRM15 dualB is an MPPT charge controller for photovoltaic applications that can automatically manage the charge of two batteries, one primary and one secondary. It also features a Bluetooth connection for APP control on Android and iOS mobile devices.


Energy even with low light

At sea it is not always possible to have the right radiation, but it is essential that the battery park is always loaded. Whether it is for pleasure or for work, compromises do not exist in this sector.

The WMarine10 regulator optimizes energy production and relative battery charging in all light conditions, even with partially shaded PV modules thanks to buck-boost technology.



Better battery Preservation

Lower maintenance costs

Simplification of electrical connections

Configure your photovoltaic system

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Which product are you looking for?