Off-Grid & Backup

Off-grid systems are completely independent from the electric network and are composed of: charge controller + photovoltaic module + battery + inverter (eventually).

In case there is not enough energy in the battery, but you don’t want to give up your consumption, a backup from an external energy source is activated.



Off-Grid Systems

Electricity for isolated users

Providing electricity to isolated utilities, such as mountain huts or holiday cottages, is often impossible or too expensive to carry out with the traditional electricity grid.

Western CO. off-grid systems provide green and completely independent energy for these types of applications with high reliability and operating efficiency, in a completely alternative to the typical distribution of electricity.

The off-grid systems are simply composed of a photovoltaic module, a charge controller and an off-grid DC/AC inverter. Western CO. offers a complete range of charge controllers with PWM (36 cell modules) or MPPT (60/72 cell modules) and off-grid 12/24/48V inverters.

Off-grid systems with backup

Electric energy for isolated utilities with a genset

Often isolated users, such as mountain huts or holiday cottages, have a high consumption and must have a guaranteed supply 100% even in prolonged periods of bad weather.

Western CO.’s off-grid systems with generator set backup provide power even during reduced green power production with high reliability and in a fully automated manner.

The Leonardo Off-Grid GE storage system was developed for more advanced off-grid systems. Inside there are up to 4 MPPT channels for managing PV modules of any technology. Furthermore, at the AC-IN input it is possible to connect a genset for automatic backup. With this line it is possible to realize single-phase and three-phase systems up to 48kVA.



The off-grid systems are installed mainly in isolated areas, where the costs of connection to the network are very high, or where there is need for small withdrawal powers and simple maintenance of a network meter would be too burdensome.

An off-grid system consists of a PV module, a charge controller and a battery. The latter is the only component to be replaced over time. It is possible to combine both with GEL lead batteries with relatively low and variable duration and lithium batteries whose useful life is definitely higher.

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Leonardo Off-Grid GE

Pedaso (Italy)

Kit Off-Grid

Electric scooter


Aero Phantom

WR30 Application

Bukavu (Congo)



Leonardo Off-Grid GE

Civitella del Tronto (Italy)

Explosives deposit alarm system

Enel - Diamond project

3kW plant

Kit Off-Grid

WI1200 with 2 WRM20

Kit Off-Grid

Kit Off-Grid

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