Public lighting

Photovoltaic streetlights allow to light up streets and areas far from the grid,places that are not easily accessible, such as mountain and rural areas, or parks and gardens where electrification has not been foreseen. If properly configured, they can guarantee the complete lighting at night with 3 days autonomy in the absence of sun, so as to achieve the same performance as the street lights connected to the public network.



Urban and extra-urban roads

Photovoltaic street lamps

Bringing lighting to areas not covered by electricity becomes easy with Western CO. photovoltaic street lamps.

Equipped with LED fixtures with powers from 24W up to 130W (depending on the latitude of installation), they use a galvanized steel pole-head structure that, in addition to allowing the anchoring of the PV module and the housing of electronics and batteries, removes any possibility of vandalism or theft.

They can be supplied with remote control via Bluetooth or GSM.

Parks, gardens and pedestrian areas

Photovoltaic furnishing lamps

Where design also wants its part, Western CO. furniture photovoltaic streetlights allow you to bring stand-alone lighting in style.

If you want to light up pedestrian and cycle areas, gardens, courtyards, parks, these lamps are the ideal solution: easy to install, high temperature and wind resistance, long battery life and attractive design.

They are available in two types: SPL and Globe series. Both versions are installed on 5m cylindrical poles and in two different colors: black or white.

The SPL series is equipped with the W-Light luminaire while the Globe has an original circular-shaped LED lamp on board.

This last model also has a control unit with an intelligent algorithm that allows its installation anywhere in the world without the need for manual configurations.

Self-powered applications

Flashers - CCTV - Energy Stations - USB

Kits for autonomous supply Western CO. have been specially designed to cope with the most different situations.

These kits can be installed on a pole or on a wall, allowing you to assemble flashing lights, Wi-Fi video surveillance areas, USB charging points or simply energy stations, capable of powering devices in remote areas that cannot be reached by the electric grid.

If you live in an area where it is difficult or expensive to connect up to the electricity grid, these Kits are for you. Very often, the areas not covered by electricity, are also those in which there are greater thefts and vandalism. Western CO. offers you the solution: easy-to-install, completely self-contained kits with which to illuminate and monitor your area, with the possibility of controlling the recordings remotely and being able to review them at any time.

If, however, you do not want to give up having your devices (smartphones, tablets, other) always charged but, at the same time, you want to enjoy a day outdoors there is the USB Kit. It can be installed on any pole and can be combined with a stand-alone pole to illuminate and monitor your area.

For road safety or for warnings of danger and warning, we provide kits with flashers of different sizes and powers.

SSL - Li

Lithium PV Street Light



Low maintenance costs

Savings for the electrification of the affected area

Possibility of lighting places that cannot be reached by the electricity network

Low environmental impact

Configure your photovoltaic street light

with our online configurator




n.1000 systems with W-Light84 - "Al Furjan" District


PV Street Lamps

Cagliari (Italy)
SSL-Li PV Street Lamps
Palermo (Italy)

Globe PV Lamps

Ascoli Piceno (Italy)

PV Lamps for parks and gardens


PV Street Lamps on Luanda Bridge

Bari (Italy)

PV Street Lamps - Industrial area


PV Lamps for parks and gardens

Bari (Italy)

PV Lamps for cycle path


PV Street Lamps - Bosques de Cajca

Modugno - Molfetta

PV Street Lamps

Bitonto (Italy)

Globe Lamps

Emilia-Romagna (Italy)

PV Street Lamps at parking company FAAC

Marsala (Italy)

PV Street Lamps

Aragona (Italy)

PV Street Lamps

Montegiorgio (Italy)

PV Street Lamps

Pertinico (Italy)

PV Street Lamps


Hybrid PV Lamps


PV Street Lamps


PV Street Lamps post-earthwuake


PV Street Lamps - Brazzaville


PV Lamps for parks and gardens

South Africa

PV Lamps for small soccer fields - FIFA World Cup


PV Street Lamps - Flensburg


PV Street Lamps

INFN - Gran Sasso (Italy)

PV Street Lamps on Gran Sasso National Laboratories

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