The need to be able to accumulate the energy of the sun, to use it in periods of low or strictly light at night, is increasing exponentially and people are constantly looking for their own energy independence.

For this reason, Western CO., leader in the sector of off-grid systems, has designed, produced and placed on the market a line of storage systems suitable for the residential market.

Thanks to the combinations with the best brands of lithium batteries, the performance and useful life of these systems have increased significantly.



New PV systems

For a system with very high performance

Have you decided to build a PV system and want to store the energy produced during the day to be able to use it when you mostly need it? You don’t know which one to choose between the many storage system manufacturers? The solution for you is the Leonardo 4K.

This storage system is entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. The security of having a national manufacturer that has been on the market for over 30 years is a guarantee with respect to the coming and going of new and questionable storage systems. The Leonardo 4K is certified with the best lithium battery brands on the market today. Furthermore, you can monitor your system at any time via app or web.

The Leonardo 4K is a management and control system for a storage and solar photovoltaic production system. It is able to reduce the withdrawal from the network meter, to guarantee the complete self-consumption of the energy generated and to maximize the energy independence of the domestic user. Since the Leonardo 4K does not feed energy into the network, there is a substantial simplification and reduction of the bureaucratic procedures connected to the installation.



Increase your PV system self-consumption up to 85%

Monitoring of energy flows

Anti-blackout system for the entire home

Configure your photovoltaic system

with our online tool



Leonardo PRO

three-phase with LG Chem battery

Leonardo PRO

three-phase with LG Chem batteries

Leonardo PRO

with LG Chem battery

Leonardo 4K

three-phase with 4 WRM30+ and LG Chem batteries


Which product are you looking for?

Which product are you looking for?