Energy Stations


All-in-One box for off-grid lighting with Bluetooth control

WLB: All-in-One box including 60Ah or 100Ah LiFePO4 battery (>3,000 cycles) and charge controller with Bluetooth control. Also available with 50% flow reduction. WPB:

Off-grid solution for lighting

Complete off-grid kit for lighting with LED lamp for parks, gardens and cycle paths.

Off-grid solution for flash-lights

Complete off-grid kit with LED flash-light.

Off-grid energy station

Off-grid energy station equipped with: polehead with pole hook, charge controller, FV module and battery. Suitable to meet different needs, for example to power

Off-grid solution for charging mobile devices

Complete off-grid kit for charging devices via USB ports.

Which product are you looking for?

Which product are you looking for?