Leonardo PRO X ON-GRID

On-grid photovoltaic storage system

The Leonardo PRO X ON-GRID is the ideal storage system both for retrofit photovoltaic plants(already equipped with AC grid-tied inverters) and for new photovoltaic plants (with external WRM30+ or WRM60 X charge controllers).

In the event of a black-out of the electricity grid, the Leonardo PRO X ON-GRID continues to supply energy at maximum power, thus guaranteeing continuity of operation without perceptible discontinuity of the users.

The Leonardo PRO X is equipped with an integrated display and realtime monitoring as standard. It will then be possible to monitor your system and view historical data from anywhere thanks to my Leonardo App and web portal. Furthermore, the remote control allows assistance interventions, modification of operating parameters and system firmware updates.

On new systems, the system is connected in DC to the WRM30+/WRM60 X SL external charge controllers, while on retrofit systems, the system is connected on the AC side to the inverter already present.



  • New hardware
    – Maximum efficiency: 95%
    – Output power: 3000VA / 5000VA
    – Reduced size: a fourth of the previous model
  • Load management and anti-blackout
    Load management with current sensor and EPS output for privileged loads in the event of a blackout with a recovery time of less than 10ms
  • Modularity
    Possibility to add up to 5 slave modules to increase the available power (18kW for 3000 and 30kW for 5000)
  • Batteries:
    RESU – LG Chem;
    US2000C /US3000C/US5000 – Pylontech;
    RES – Midac;
    PJO-048-150-RK1 – Archimede Energia;
    48TL200 – FZSoNick.
    Compatibility with all 48V Li-ION RESU LG Chem battery models, up to 40 US2000C/US3000C/US5000 Pylontech batteries, up to 4 RES Midac batteries, up to 7  PJO-048-150-RK1 Archimede Energia as well as with the 48TL200 FZSoNick salt battery.
  • Integrated monitoring and control
    Integrated monitoring and control via App (iOS and Android), Web portal and remote display for assistance, updates and modification of system parameters

my Leonardo available on web portal, Play Store and Apple Store

Product codes

016990 (Leonardo PRO X 3000/48 Li), 016992 (Leonardo PRO X 3000/48 SL), 017376 (Leonardo PRO X 5000/48 Li), 017377 (Leonardo PRO X 5000/48 SL)


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