60A Smart MPPT Charge Controller with WBUS

The WRM60 X is a 60A intelligent MPPT (MPPT Smart Charge Controller) for DC 24 / 48V systems, with 2 independent PV inputs and compatible with Smart Lithium (with CAN BUS) and standard Pb / Li batteries.
With the Western Battery Monitor WBM (optional external module) the WRM60 X is also able to manage Pb or Lithium batteries with only internal BMS (without CAN BUS).
The WRM60 X is equipped with WBUS and is part of the WESTERN WRD SYSTEM range: a stand-alone, flexible and advanced system, with data monitoring and remote control from the internet, through a cloud platform.
The simple user interface, with 128×64 display and 4 keys, allows an immediate display of all parameters: powers, voltages, charge and PV string currents, energy meters, data loggers and events.
It has contacts for the intelligent activation of loads connected to the system for efficient battery management.
Thanks to WBUS, the system becomes modular and it is possible to add the WRM60 X Slave version to the system to obtain charging powers up to 50kW.
It is particularly suitable for large professional photovoltaic systems.

Product codes

017742 (WRM60 X Master); 017741 (WRM60 X Slave)


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