General warranty provisions.



WESTERN CO. S.r.l. offers a guarantee in case of defects on its whole range of Western branded products and on some products marketed by the same.

This Limited Warranty covers production and material defects of the products indicated below (“Products”):

– Products branded WESTERN CO. S.r.l. brand products

– W-Hi series inverters

– Photovoltaic modules branded WESTERN CO. S.r.l. branded photovoltaic modules

– Wallbox for electric vehicles charging

The Warranty certificate is available on the website www.western.it in the pages dedicated to each single product.

The Warranty applies exclusively to the purchaser who has purchased the Products from an authorised WESTERN CO. S.r.l.

The Limited Warranty can be transferred by the purchaser to an assignee, and will remain in force for the period of time remaining in compliance with the above mentioned warranties, provided that the Products are not transferred out of the original country of installation and any re-installation is carried out in compliance with the installation instructions and the use guidelines accompanying the Products (collectively, the “Documentation”).

The application of the warranty is subject to proven product defects and does not cover any defects other than those described in the warranty conditions in the manual accompanying each product.

Warranty means exclusively the free repair or replacement, at the discretion of WESTERN CO. S.r.l., including labour, of the elements recognised as defective in the manufacture or material.

The guarantee does not cover: the parts subject to wear due to use, the batteries (when supplied), the cables and connection cords, the connectors and the external parts that do not present manufacturing defects.

The warranty also does not cover failures caused by overvoltage or overcurrent, failures of equipment that is tampered with or tampering with the warranty seal or damaged by the Customer.

In all these cases, even if there is a valid warranty certificate, the appliances will be repaired at the Customer’s expense after notification and authorisation.

The technical assistance under warranty is provided at the only technical assistance centre WESTERN CO. S.r.l.

When the warranty period expires or one of the causes that give right to the warranty expires, the assistance interventions will take place charging the costs incurred for the replaced parts and labour costs.



Which product are you looking for?

Which product are you looking for?